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Everyone at Dental Excellence shares a passion for dentistry. Your experience is important to us. To the greatest extent possible, we take the time to minimize any dental anxiety you may have, and we go beyond to do everything possible to ensure your experience at our dental office in Northwest Tucson is “enjoyable.” You may think that is not possible. Just take a moment and read what some of our happy patients have to say about Dental Excellence’s quality of care and the experience of being a patient.

Clyde and Jacqueline C.

Dr. Roger Biede, My Dentist—

  1. Preserving my “ability to chew” is his top priority for the past ten years.
  2. Using the latest scientific knowledge, techniques, and equipment to maintain my teeth, bridges, implants, and oral hygiene.
  3. After 70 years of “trips to the dentist,” my experiences with Dr. Biede have been the least PAINFUL and TRAUMATIC imaginable.
  4. Every visit I observe and experience the most professional dental services ever.
  5. You can count on Dr. Biede for a successful solution to any problem you may have.

Diane and Carlos F.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Hornsby for years and from our very first visit we were made to feel welcome and comfortable. His staff, specifically Jo and Letty are so warm and personable that I often spend more time chatting with them than I do in the dentist chair. The care that my husband and I have received has been excellent all of our issues, big or small have been treated promptly and effectively. The office is super organized and our appointments are always on time. Jo, Letty and Dr. Hornsby are among the very best and most enjoyable medical professionals we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Highly Recommended!!

Loretta W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Biede’s since 1995, and I have never been to a dentist as competent as he is. He has my complete trust which is not easy, and I’m not an easy patient—but he is always professional and there for my needs with my best interest in mind. I would and have recommended him to anyone. He is my dental “hero” as I have had so many dental horrors in my past. Thank you Dr. Biede.

Ron M.

My family has been going to Dr. Hornsby for over 22 years. We continue to be impressed not only with “Dental Excellence” level of care, which is outstanding but also with their state of the art equipment. Their whole staff is the friendliest and most efficient staff we have ever dealt with at a doctor’s office. Jo and Kaya the hygienists have never hurt me and I thank them directly for keeping my pearly whites beautiful. I would highly recommend (and we have many times) Dr. Hornsby’s service to anyone especially anyone feeling apprehensive about going to the dentist. We very much appreciate the level of care Dr. Hornsby and his staff provide.

Susan H.

In the several years I’ve known Dr. Biede, I’ve found he consistently delivers quality professional dental services. Perhaps his greatest asset is his integrity. He fairly gives his assessments of procedures, offering a balance or treatment options and risks/consequences based on his considerable dental experience. He has a sincere and caring demeanor and appears to truly enjoy his profession as well as his patients. Dr. Biede has earned my trust and admiration as a dentist and a friend. Ranking him on compassion, honesty, expertise and being an all-around-nice guy,
I will definitely give him a ten.


I am very proud of my smile because Dr. Dan Hornsby has taken care of my teeth for 23 years and believe me when I say I have 23 years of stories.
I did not always take good care of my teeth.. I thought that all dentists were as mean as my childhood dentist, which resulted in cavities, gum disease, the loss of several teeth and covering my smile.
I first met Dr. Hornsby when my friend and dental hygienist, Jo convinced me to make an appointment for a consult. I found Dr. Hornsby to be kind, concerned, soft-spoken with a gentle touch. His ability to explain to my level of understanding, the procedures available and the differing possible results, coupled by his caring about my comfort, allowed me to relax a bit more each time I was in his chair. Aware of my fears but also of my desire to have a nice smile, Dr. Hornsby has guided me through several implant procedures, root canals, and restorations. He has always referred me to excellent Periodontists, Endodontists, and Dental Labs each of whom he directly communicated with regarding my needs. Dr. Hornsby is a perfectionist who would not settle for anything less than perfect in fit, shape, and color of a crown, oftentimes sending me to the lab to get the perfect match! Dr. Hornsby’s expertise created a confident, healthy and pretty smile.
I am so thankful to him, his highly trained assistant Letty, and of course my talented friend Jo, who taught me to floss and introduced me to Dr. Hornsby.
Unfortunately, during the early hours on a Sunday morning, I slipped and fell hitting my mouth which resulted in four dangling, twisted front teeth. Horrified, I called Jo and after we talked she contacted Dr. Hornsby, interrupting his regularly scheduled golf game. Without hesitation I received immediate care to determine the extent of the damage done to my once beautiful teeth. I knew I was in great hands. Treatment is underway and it is a slow process. I have complete confidence in Dr. Hornsby, his knowledge and his experience. I appreciate the heartfelt compassion and support that I continue to receive from his entire staff. I am truly grateful.

Donna W.

Dr. Roger Biede has provided our family (including my husband and 2 children, as well as my 80-year-old mother) with the most compassionate and professional care for over 9 years. He takes the time to thoroughly explain any needed procedures. His office staff also provides excellent care with a positive attitude. Dr. Biede is great with children. In fact, that is the reason we started seeing him. He’s a Shri­ner’s clown with a big heart!

Paul and Nancy M.

My husband and I began going to Dr. Hornsby 10+ years ago. A friend recommended him and we were thoroughly impressed with his state of the art equipment, the professionalism of his hygienists, assis­tants and staff. We have found Dan’s work to be extremely well done and he is always responsive in an emergency. We have referred him to at least 20 of your friends who in turn have recommended him to their friends. Both my husband and I have had extensive work done over the years and believe Dan and his staff are the best dental office we have ever encountered.


Hi! I have been a patient of Doctor Roger Biede for about 10 years. In all that time I have received the best of care. Because of the great dental care I have had over the years, I now have a very healthy mouth. That was not the case when I first started my dental treatments with Doctor Biede.
Thank you very much!

Ed M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hornsby for over 15 years now and have always been impressed with the technologies and team he employs. At age 55, my smile has never felt or looked better. Initially, I got a 5 year plan that detailed the work ahead of us and leveraged my insurance. Do you need your mouth fixed? Want that “smile” confidence back? These guys can help you too!

Susan and Bob W.

Bob and I have been married for 29 years. During our years together, we have been patients of dentists in Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; and Peru, South America.
Dr. Biede is far and away our very favorite. Since he began caring for us in 2004, we have gained more and more confidence in his skill, integrity, and ability to explain just what we needed to know to make informed decisions about our care.

For me—Susan—the very best was when I needed four lower front teeth extracted and a permanent bridge anchored to the canine teeth on either side of the bridge. Oh, I am so pleased with the care I had and with the final result!

Bob and I are both mightily impressed with Dr. Biede’s state-of-the-art equipment and his excellent, caring staff. Whether we are making an appointment, paying a bill, or having our teeth cleaned, Carla, Nancy, Donna, and all the staff take such good care of us. We have always felt like VIPs at his office.

Best of all is Dr.’s “chairside manner.” Whether he is explaining about need care, the materials he uses, or just visiting with us, we always enjoy our time with him.


My family and I have been going to Dr. Hornsby for about 14 years. Dr. Hornsby and his staff are professional, and I completely trust them to take care of my dental needs. I have seen both hygienists and they are truly wonderful. LOVE THEM!

Winnie H.

I first met Dr. Biede because I was upset about a new bridge another dentist had made for me. (The result of a 1971 car accident.) It didn’t fit properly or feel right to me even though it was OK according to my dentist. Dr. Biede listened to me and evaluated the bridge before concluding that its fit “was not bad.” However, he knew that I wasn’t happy with it and, therefore, referred me to a specialist to address my concerns. The relationship between the new bridge and my natural teeth was examined and the problem was corrected. I’ve been Dr. Biede’s patient ever since.

I respect Dr. Biede for four reasons, reasons that are important to me:

  1. Dr. Biede cares about his patients. Their concerns are his.
  2. I feel he is current in his dental knowledge, always learning and open to new ideas.
  3. Dr. Biede is not afraid to refer his patients to specialists if their expertise is needed. For me, that is the sign of a good dentist or physician.
  4. He is a perfectionist. He will make sure his patients have the best.

Warren and Dawn C.

The office of Dr. Dan Hornsby and staff are wonderful. They have been our family dentist for years. Both of our girls went to Dr. Hornsby while students at U of A and felt very comfortable every time going in alone. The dental care we receive is outstanding which is why we drive from Chandler, AZ to see Dr. Hornsby. I would recommend Dr. Hornsby for you and your entire family.

Mike B.

When it comes to dental care, you’d be hard pressed to find a better team than the one led by Dr. Roger Biede. Upon entering the offices, you’re greeted warmly in comfortable surroundings and receive outstanding care by professionals working with the latest in dental technology. As for Dr. Biede, he’s one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet—and perhaps one of the tallest too! He’s an awesome dentist whose thorough analysis, explanation of procedures, and tender care in completing them are truly gifts. For many, seeing a dentist is high on the list of things to avoid. However, Dr. Biede and company will change your mind—and that’s the TOOTH!

Tina B.

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Hornsby for about 10 years. He has done an excellent job with several different issues. He has a wonderful sense of humor and will spend as much time with you as needed to answer any questions. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.

Beth M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Biede’s since 1990. I lived near Tucson then but moved back to the Phoenix area in 1992. I prefer driving to Tucson than ever going to anyone else for my dental care because Dr. Biede and his staff are very professional, competent, and wonderfully caring. He and his staff are simply the best, and I’m very grateful and fortunate to be part of the family.

Jane P.

Dr. Hornsby and his staff have been taking care of my dental needs for several years. They are a highly skiled group that delivers comfortable care to their patients. A credit to their profession,
Dental Excellence is truly excellent

Richard & Beverly L.

We first came to Dr. Biede’s office in 2003. He was recommended by a mutual friend when my wife, Beverly, had experienced a near tragic crown procedure done at another dentist’s office. She was in terri­ble pain and unable to get the dentist she’d been seeing to resolve what the problem was. Dr. Biede’s office said “How quick can you get her here?” We left immediately for his office. The doctor and his staff welcomed us compassionately and quickly calmed Beverly’s fears and put her at ease. All is OK today thanks to Dr. Biede.”

Since that excellent experience, we both turned our dental needs over to Dr. Biede and his staff. We drive one hour for our appointments as we trust him 100% (and only him) with our dental needs. His staff is very professional, the best in town, and his office is state-of-the-art.

R. Hubbel

I have been a patient of Dr. Hornsby for many, many years and can happily recommend him and his staff. I am impressed with Dr. Hornsby’s dental knowledge and competency. In addition to his friendly nature, he has made room in his busy schedule for emergency cases. In fact, he once treated a friend of mine, who had broken a tooth, and whom I had taken to his office without an appointment. Dr. Hornsby’s staff of technicians are attractive, intelligent and highly competent ladies, whose abilities are always on display.